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Flow with the Current,
Mesmerizing Whirpools

Awaji Island: a picturesque getaway from Osaka

Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge Between
Shikoku and Awaji Island

Feature of the Hotel

The Charm of Hotel & Resorts MINAMIAWAJI

Our Hotel

Surrounded by the Mythology of Japan

The Awaji Island is believed to be the first island that was created by the gods when the Japanese islands were formed. Take a break surrounded by the mythology of Japan, while overlooking the mysterious Naruto whirlpools from the hotel. The Naruto Strait is the greatest currents in the world, and it is possible to get close to them from a cruise ship and immerse yourself in their mesmerizing appearance.

Enjoy all the natural beauty and exciting adventures Minamiawaji has to offer, then relax in the genuine resort hotel atmosphere after a long day. The hot springs, sauna, restaurants with delicacies are all here to make your stay even more memorable!


Baby-Friendly Facilities

Our hotel aims to make holidays easy for families with small children. There are several facilities, such as a nursing room, installed in the hotel, as well as specifically child-friendly rooms that are designed in order to avoid any possible injuries that may occur from playing around in the room. Moreover, the restaurants offer special, child-sized cutlery and menu for children.


The Taste of Minamiawaji

Restaurants in the hotel offer Western, Chinese and Japanese food alike. Enjoy your lunch or dinner in a sophisticated atmosphere at the sky restaurant Bruges. Chansyuen offers the fusion of Szechuan and Shanghai cuisine. For dinner, try seasonal food, prepared by local ingredients in Harimanada. Suisen is a tea lounge, where you can get tea or coffee, with a light meal. If you want a more casual dining experience, you should try the izakaya-style restaurant Uzushio.

You can find more detailed information on restaurants and food under the "Where to Eat" option of the Local Tips menu.

Hot Springs

Japanese Onsen Experience

The source for the Uzu no Yu outdoor rock bath is the Nandan onsen. This water is said to warm your body up to the extent that the warm feeling lingers for a while even after getting out of the bath. You can also enjoy the same water in the indoor public bath. Moreover, a sauna is also available for those who wish to unwind.

Banquet and Conference Halls

Book Your Venue Today

It is possible to reserve banquet halls and conference halls within Hotel & Resorts MINAMIAWAJI. The hotel is equipped with halls of various sizes, which can be used for several purposes. Please get in contact with the hotel if you are interested in booking a venue for your event.


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