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Basically, it is possible to book up to 186 days ahead from today.

Depending on your accommodation plan, the reservation period will be different.

If vacancy is full, reservations are not possible even during reservable period.

As for booking with a contract corporation, the reservation period is different depending on the timing of contract renewal etc.

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About Reservation

  • Q.

    How many days ahead can I reserve?


    Booking is possible up to 186 days ahead. However, please note that it may differ depending on the hotel and available plans.

  • Q.

    How do I change my reservation?


    To change or cancel your reservation please click on the “Booking” button in the upper right part of the page and select “Manage my reservation”.

  • Q.

    How much is the cancellation fee?


    For “room only” bookings cancellation is free until 2 days before the stay. Starting the day before a 20% fee will be charged. It will be 80% if you cancel on the same day before check-in time and 100% for no-shows.

    For bookings with breakfast, cancellation is free until 4 days before the stay. Starting 3 days before a 20% fee will be charged. It will be 50% if you cancel on the same day or in case of no-shows.

  • Q.

    Which credit cards are accepted?


    Accepted credit cards are: JCB, VISA, DC, NICOS, UFJ, OMC, UC, Diners, Saison, MasterCard and American Express.

    Please note that there may be exceptions depending on your bank.

  • Q.

    What should I do if I don’t receive the confirmation email?


    There is a possibility that the email was automatically flagged as spam as it is sent from a computer. Please check your spam mailbox too.

    Please note that your mobile phone may be set on not receiving auto generated emails from computers. Please change the setting and/or contact your carrier provider.

    In case of unreadable content, please switch the character code setting to “Unicode (UTF-8)” by opening the unreadable email, clicking on the “View” menu -> “Encoding” -> “Others” and selecting “Unicode (UTF – 8).

  • Q.

    What should I do if I have troubles making a reservation?


    Please check the operating system of your computer, smartphone or tablet.

    Recommended systems:

    OS Computer Microsoft Windows 7 or later

    MacOS 10.12 or later

    Smartphone iOs 11.1 or later

    Android 6 or later

    Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later

    Edge latest edition

    Firefox latest version

    Google Chrome latest version

    Safari 10

    Please make sure to have your cookies settings on “ON”

About Other Services

  • Q.

    Can I purchase medicines at the hotel?


    As regulated by Article 24 of the Pharmaceutical Law, the hotel cannot provide medicines to our customers.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation. Please purchase necessary medicines before travelling.

  • Q.

    Can I receive packages at the hotel?


    You can have a package sent to the hotel some days before your arrival or during your stay and we will receive it for you. Please make sure to write the hotel's name, the name you used to make your reservation, your arrival date (yyyy/mm/dd format) and in case you are part of a group travel, its name.


    Hotel & Resorts NAGAHAMA

    Daiwa Tarou – 2019/04/01

    (XTravel n.00000)

    If you want to send a package from the hotel, you can do that at the shopping plaza on first floor, where we also sell boxes. Please talk to the counter staff after having prepared the box and filled in the appropriate documentation.

  • Q.

    Can I store my luggage at the hotel before and after my stay?


    We can keep your luggage on the day of your arrival before check-in time and on the day of your departure after check-out time.

  • Q.

    About food allergies


    Upon requesting it at least 5 days before, we can provide food free of the 7 major allergen ingredients: eggs, milk, peanuts, shrimp, crab, wheat and buckwheat. However, we do not provide food without the 20 other allergen: abalone, squid, salmon roe, salmon, mackerel, beef, pork, chicken, oranges, apples, banana, kiwi fruit, peaches, soybean, sesame, cashew nuts, walnut, yam, matsutake mushrooms and gelatin.

    Moreover, we ask you to understand that as we do not use different utensils in the kitchen, it is impossible to ensure you that the food provided did not come in contact with the above mentioned 7 major allergens.

    You are free to bring safe food (ready-made, froze, etc.) to eat during your stay and eat it at the same table as your trip companions, we will assist you by storing and heating it up for you. Please mention it at the time of reservation and during check-in.

  • Q.

    Our Tattoo Policy


    Patrons with tattoos who wish to use the public bath facilities are required to use a tattoo cover seal for the duration of their public bath usage.

    In Japan, it is common practice to refuse the entry of tattooed patrons to public bath facilities, and our hotel chain used to follow this practice as well.

    However, in contemporary Japan, the number of young people with fashion-tattoos is growing and we also experience an influx of overseas customers with tattoos expressing their desire to try the hot spring facilities in our hotels.

    In response to these requests from individuals with tattoos, we decided to allow entry to the public bath facility under the following term: the tattoo can be covered with no more than two 8cm x 10cm tattoo cover seals.

    We sell tattoo cover seals at the front desk.

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