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As for booking with a contract corporation, the reservation period is different depending on the timing of contract renewal etc.

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Royal Hotel DAISEN

1647 Maruyama, Hōki-chō, Saihaku-gun, Tottori 689-4108
TEL: +81-859-68-2333 (reception hours 8: 00-19: 00)

By plane

From Yonago Airport

  • Yonago Airport

  • Car・Taxi
    Approx. 45 minutes (about 27 km)
    Around ¥ 8,000

  • Our hotel

By train

From JR Okayama Station

  • JR Okayama Station

  • JR Hakubi Line "Super Yakumo" Limited Express​ ​
    About 2 hours

  • JR Yonago Station

  • Car・Taxi
    Approx. 30 minutes (about 17 km)
    Around ¥ 5,000

  • Our hotel

Free shuttle bus

Royal Hotel DAISEN offers a free shuttle bus between Yogano Station (in front of the main exit) and the hotel.

From JR Yonago station → To the hotel

  • 20
  • 30

From the hotel → To JR Yonago Station

  • 30
  • 30

Reservation is required.

Please contact the hotel. TEL: +81-859-68-2333

By bus

"I'm worried about driving for a long time","The train fee is too expensive"...
To those of you who have these concerns, we suggest the bus between Osaka and Yonago as it is cheaper than the train but it takes around the same time.
Not to mention, the bus stop "Daisen parking" is even closer than Yonago Station.
If you arrive by 18:30, and reserve by the previous day, we will pick you up at the bus station!

Please note that depending on circumstances, it may not be available.​ ​

By car

From Ochiai IC (Chugoku Expressway)

  • Ochiai IC (Chugoku Expressway)

  • Car · Taxi - Yonago Expressway
    Approx. 50 minutes (about 58 km)

  • Mizokuchi IC

  • Car · Taxi - via Daisen Pension Village
    Approx. 15 minutes (about 8 km)
    (Please be extra careful in case of snow)

  • Our hotel

Parking is on first come first served basis.

· Free of charge
· Number of parking lots: 219 cars / 8 buses