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A Taste of Traditional Japan
Through a Visit to the Sun Goddess

Reach Amaterasu's Ise Shrine by car in less than an hour

Resort hotel at the hills of
Shima and Matoya Bay of Mie prefecture

Feature of the Hotel

The Charm of Hotel & Resorts ISE-SHIMA

Our Hotel

In the Neighbourhood of the Sun Goddess

Abundant in history and tradition, Ise Shima is a place worthy of exploring, if one wants to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. Located merely a fifty-minute long drive away from the Ise Shrine, the hotel is conveniently situated for Ise Shima sightseeing. Not to mention the delicious gourmet food of the area that is also widely known as the “province of eating.”
Spend your evenings in the chic, relaxing environment of the hotel after a long day of exploring! The hot springs are also open for guests to unwind in.


The Province of Eating

The Ise Shima area is also known as the Country of Food, for its delicious cuisine, and abundance of ingredients. You cannot only try delicious Japanese food in the hotel, but it also offers French cuisine for those who would like to indulge in Western dishes.
Restaurant Chidori offers Japanese food, such as the simple but delicious okonomiyaki. Matoya and Shiosai also offer a wide selection of traditional Japanese dishes.
Sky restaurant Sky View offers a spin on French cuisine with local Shima ingredients. For those who want to try Japanese food on an irori grill, Shochikatei offers seafood grilled on charcoal fire.
The sky bar Pearl invites you for some sophisticated fun on the top floor, and you can enjoy the magnificent view beside a cup of coffee in the tea lounge Sea Side.

You can find more detailed information on restaurants and food under the "Where to Eat" option of the Local Tips menu.

Hot Springs

Japanese Onsen Experience

The hot springs in the hotel are sourced by Shinmisato. Shinmisato is also called the water of longevity, so make sure to take a dip! It is a healthy, alkaline hot spring, to be enjoyed in the outside rock bath. There is a traditional Japanese-Style Public Bath indoors as well, and a sauna.

Sightseeing Spots

Tradition Meets Leisure

The Ise-Shima region is rich in history, located near the famous Ise Shrine, housing the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. It is said that this shrine should be visited by everyone once in their lifetime. Besides locations of cultural and historical significance, the Ise-Shima region also offers leisure activities. Read more about the tourist attractions of Ise-Shima in under the Tourist Spots menu!

Banquet and Conference Halls

Book Your Venue Today

It is possible to reserve banquet halls and conference halls within Hotel&Resorts ISE SHIMA. The hotel is equipped with halls of various sizes, which can be used for several purposes. Please get in contact with the hotel if you are interested in booking a venue for your event.


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