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The Roots of Japanese History Within Arm's Reach

Explore Ancient Japanese Burial Sites

Excellent base for sightseeing in Nara
around a minute away from Kashihara Jingumae Station

Feature of the Hotel


Our Hotel

Surrounded by History

In THE KASHIHARA, traditional mingles with the modern. You may have a piece of traditional Japan in the “Kashihara Suite,” inspired by the old Japanese spirit. The hotel is also equipped with an onsen, where you can experience a resort-like atmosphere. Modern spaces and a wide-range of dishes welcome you in our restaurants, where you can enjoy Japanese, French, and Chinese cuisine. Located only a minute away from the Kashiharajingumae Station, this is the perfect base for exploring the remains from the old Yamato and Nara era Japan.


In the Neighbourhood of the First Emperor

If you are looking for places with historical significance, you don’t need to go any further than Kashihara! Just ten minutes away from the hotel, you can find the Kashihara Shrine, where Japan’s first emperor, Jinmu was enshrined. The hotel is also located close to other historical spots, such as the ancient capital, Nara, or the Asuka village, Kashihara, and Sakurai areas. Some Yamato period “key-lock” shaped tombs can also be found in this area, which is a must-see for the lovers of history and those interested in Japanese culture.

Buffet Breakfast

Start Your Morning Deliciously

The Kashihara offers delicious buffet breakfast at the café and restaurant Amakashi. There is an abundant choice of dishes with locally grown vegetables for a healthy, wholesome meal. You can also find Western and Japanese-style dishes at the buffet, for your convenience. Moreover, when the weather allows, it is possible to eat outside at the terrace seats and enjoy the fresh air!

You can find more detailed information on restaurants and food under the "Where to Eat" option of the Local Tips menu.


Flavours of Kashihara

A wide-range of restaurants are available on site of THE KASHIHARA. We offer Japanese, Chinese, and French cuisine.
Amakashi is a café and restaurant, open from nine until six, where it is possible to have a meal with a glass of wine, or just drop in for some coffee or tea during a break. There are also delicious cake sets available. Mahoroba is a Japanese restaurant that admits guests for lunch and dinner time. You can taste the signature dishes of the four seasons here.
Kashishara is the hotel’s sky restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel. Enjoy French cuisine here for lunch and dinner time. It is also possible to order an anniversary or birthday cake through the hotel for your big day.
Houo is open for lunch and dinner, offering delicious Chinese dishes. Chinese cuisine is also available in the private room Phoenix. Our other private rooms are White Oak, and Shochikatei, and in the latter, you can enjoy irori-style grilled food. You can drop in for a glass of your preferred drink at the sky bar Hakuho as well.

Hot Springs

Japanese Onsen Experience

THE KASHIHARA is equipped with an onsen facility, where you can enjoy a hot bath after a long day, in the Japanese bathhouse-style. Submerge in the rock bath onsen, sourced from Kashihara no Yu. The baths are gender-separated and are equipped with amenities such as body soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair brush, hair drier, make up remover etc.


A Resort Ceremony

THE KASHIHARA is equipped with a chapel, Lovalie. The chapel has a warm, intimate atmosphere. There are also halls and restaurants available, Western and Japanese style, for the banquet afterwards. We would be happy to assist you with your wedding from ceremony until the party afterwards! For more information and offers, please get in touch with the hotel directly, or refer to the following link:

Banquet and Conference Halls

Book Your Venue Now

It is possible to reserve banquet halls and conference halls within THE KASHIHARA. The hotel is equipped with halls of various sizes, which can be used for several purposes. Please get in contact with the hotel if you are interested in booking a venue for your event.


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