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Surrounded by Memories of
the Warring States Period

A City Resort by the Lake Biwa

Located in Northern Lake Biwa,
easily accessible from Kyoto and Nagoya.

Feature of the Hotel

The Charm of Hotel & Resorts NAGAHAMA

Our Hotel

A Historical Atmosphere

Located on the banks of the lake Biwa, our hotel is about 10 minutes on foot from JR Nagahama Station. It is in a convenient place with great access to historical sites such as the Nagahama Castle, the Black Wall Square and the Hikone Castle remains.

A hotel close to the heart of the Tokaido area: an easy approach from Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto, around an hour away using the Shinkansen.

The hotel boasts some concept rooms inspired by the Sengoku period such as the SANKEN-TYA, with the banners of Ishida Mitsunari displayed. His banner is listed as emblems of good fortune. The Japanese Suite TENSHU room is inspired by the Nagahama festival floats – feel as if a modern Japanese festival welcomed you as you stepped into your room!


The Taste of Nagahama

Japanese, French, and Chinese cuisine are available in the hotel. Whichever restaurant you choose, you will be able to enjoy the sunset over the Lake Biwa while you relish your dinner.
Laisse Passe offers French and Japanese cuisine for lunch and dinner time.
Taiko, named after Toyotomi Hideyoshi prepares meals in the traditional Japanese style. Emperor boasts the dynamic flavours of Chinese cuisine. For a more casual dinner experience, we suggest visiting the Japanese izakaya-style Aji-noren. Sazanami is an elegant tea longue, perfect for a light meal.

You can find more detailed information on restaurants and food under the "Where to Eat" option of the Local Tips menu.

Hot Springs

Japanese Onsen Experience

Hotel & Resorts NAGAHAMA sources its water from the Nagahama Taiko Onsen. At the time of discharge, this hot spring water is clear – but due to oxidization, it becomes rusty as it gets in contact with the air. Spend a relaxing moment in this magical outdoors hot spring, and enjoy its unique colours as you submerge in the water. The hotel is also equipped with a Japanese-style Public Bath, and a sauna for your relaxation.


A Resort Ceremony

Hotel & Resorts NAGAHAMA offers various venues for your wedding ceremony, including a hall on the top floor, a gorgeous garden wedding, a wedding abroad a ship, or in the lobby. We are more than grateful to assist you with anything from the ceremony itself to the banquet afterwards. Please get in contact with the hotel for more information, or refer to the following link:

Banquet and Conference Halls

Book Your Venue Today

It is possible to reserve banquet halls and conference halls within Hotel & Resorts NAGAHAMA. The hotel is equipped with halls of various sizes, which can be used for several purposes. Please get in contact with the hotel if you are interested in booking a venue for your event.


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