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Your Starting Point for
Experiencing Hokkaido

In the neighborhood of Hakodate

Facing Komagatake Bay and Uchiura Bay
A 35-minute drive from Hakodate Hokuto Station

Feature of the Hotel


Our Hotel

Quaint Elegance

Based at the foot of Mount Komagatake, Royal Hotel MINAMI HOOKAIDO SHIKABE is a resort hotel with sophisticated, elegant vibes. You can see both the picturesque Mount Komagatake and Uchiura Bay from the hotel, and on clear nights, the quiet surroundings are perfect for stargazing. In addition, all rooms in our hotel are spacious, exceeding 35m2. Lean back, and enjoy the luxury of doing nothing in this gorgeous mountainside resort hotel!


Taste Shikabe

Explore the authentic flavours of Hokkaido! Nobody should miss out on trying the delicious local cuisine when they go out to explore the town. Hokkaido is famous for the abundant seafood and livestock products that are nurtured by rich nature, and will surely leave you satisfied.
The breakfast buffet is situated in a bright, attractive hall, with the soft morning sun pouring into the room. You can enjoy live cooking at the buffet dinner, which is very popular with our guests.

When out in town, you should definitely try the sushi of Hokkaido, as well as the locally harvested and deep-fried food from Shikabe in the “Hama-no-kaasan.” We recommend the premium tarako!

You can find more detailed information on restaurants and food under the "Where to Eat" option of the Local Tips menu.

Hot Springs

Japanese Onsen Experience

An open air rock bath and indoors Japanese-style public baths are both available. You can enjoy a scenic view in the open air rock bath, while soaking yourself in the warm water, or you can opt for a more casual public bath experience in the indoors area. A sauna is also available for your relaxation.


What to Do

There are several outdoorsy activities available for those who love spending time in nature. The Shikabe Golf Club is adjacent to the hotel itself. A park golf course is located ten minutes by car from the hotel. Horse riding and horse trekking experiences are available at the Onuma Nagareyama Ranch: a twenty five-minute-long ride from the hotel.
As for activities in the wintertime, you can try skiing and snowboarding at the Hakodate Nanae Snow Park, and enjoy some pond smelt fishing with the Onuma Fishers’ Association.


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