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Miraculous Marsh Born from a
Past Eruption of Mount Bandai

8-minute on foot from the Goshiki-numa Lakes

Green-hued lake born by the power of nature

Feature of the Hotel

The Charm of Active Resorts URABANDAI

Our Hotel

Classic Japanese Resort Atmosphere

We are located in Fukushima prefecture, with the Bandai mountain range visible from the hotel. Surrounded by this abundant, mountainous land, Active Resorts URABANDAI is the perfect place for uninterrupted relaxation.
The hotel is also located within a walking distance from the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art, which has a main collection of Salvador Dalí’s artwork, and features many other modern artists.


The Gift of Mother Nature

Our hotel is located in an eight-minute distance from the gorgeous Goshiki-numa, a green-hued lake born from a past volcanic eruption. The clear air is fragrant with the lingering scent of wood, making for an atmospheric walk in Urabandai’s rich nature. Starting your morning with a short walk around this cobalt lake is perfect to set the mood for the day.


Unforgettable Flavours of Urabandai

The real thrill of a trip is always trying the local delicacies, which are unique to your destination. It is easy to get a glimpse into the culture of a land by tasting traditional dishes whose recipes were handed down from generation to generation. Regional cuisine can be full of pleasant surprises and novelties for visitors. This is your chance to taste Aizu: rustic and gentle, intense and unforgettable!

We offer the three types of Aizu-made miso soup for tasting in our restaurant: “Kuradashi,” “Sayuri Hime,” and “Akane.” Try them all, and decide which one you like the most! The buffet at the hotel also offers an abundant variety of Aizu’s delicacies, ready to leave you with delicious memories.
Please note that due to the date and circumstances, the breakfast and dinner times, the venue, and the menu offered is up to change.

You can find more detailed information on restaurants and food under the "Where to Eat" option of the Local Tips menu.

Apart from buffet breakfast and dinner, other restaurants are also available on site. The izakaya-style Aji-noren offers a causal experience for dinner. Here, you can try sushi and irori grill as well. Irori-style grilled goods are also available in Shochikatei, in a more private dining setting. The tea lounge Lakeside offers light meals and refreshments from the morning until the evening, with a panorama of the Bandai mountain range.

Hot Springs

Picturesque Japanese Onsen Experience

The lake groups of Urabandai were created in the volcanic eruption of 1888. This is the eruption that resulted in today’s beautiful landscape, which is also visible from the outdoor hot spring of the hotel. Enjoy the unique view of the rock bath while you are relaxing in the hot water! You can enjoy the hot springs from the same source in the indoor onsen as well. Moreover, a sauna is available in the Japanese-style public bath area for your relaxation.


Winter Sports

The Urabandai area offers a lot of opportunities for the lovers of winter sports. There are several ski resorts around the hotel, where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. When trying snowshoeing, you can experience walking on the frozen lake, and exploring the golden yellow-coloured falls made by the volcano.

Banquet and Conference Halls

Book Your Venue Today

It is possible to reserve banquet halls and conference halls within Active Resorts URABANDAI. The hotel is equipped with halls of various sizes, which can be used for several purposes. Please get in contact with the hotel if you are interested in booking a venue for your event.


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