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Astronomical Observatory and Observation Deck at Royal Hotel YATSUGATAKE

A Night Full of Stars

Stargazing at the Rooftop Observatory of the Hotel

An experience that will bring you closer to the stars of Yatsugatake

It is said that the Yatsugatake area is blessed with one of the most beautiful views on the night sky in Japan. In Royal Hotel Yatugatake’s rooftop observatory, you have the chance to admire the stars from even closer.

With an optical aperture of 28 cm, the observatory’s telescope lets you see things such as the Saturn’s ring, and the Moon’s craters with a naked eye. Get ready to experience the sky in a way you would not see it every day!

■The Best Circumstances for Stargazing ■

1) Very small or no amount of street lights and light pollution
2) Clear night with very small or no amount of clouds
3) No tall buildings or other objects nearby

Nowadays it is getting harder and harder to have all three, but the Oizumi Plateau has it all for the perfect night of stargazing. This area is one of the most renowned in Japan for its clear and beautiful view on the night sky.

Royal Hotel YATSUGATAKE offers free observation opportunities to all those who are interested in finding out more about the secrets of our vast sky. When the night is especially clear, you can also enjoy the view on the Milky Way.

Our instructor will explain everything in Japanese – however, this experience is not limited to people with Japanese fluency only. Make sure to come along and explore the sky for yourself, whose beauty is beyond any language barriers.


Stargazing Made Easy

Telescope with Automatic Pursuit Mode

With the automatic pursuit mode of our telescope, you will not have to worry about keeping up with the body of stars you are watching and can give yourself into the beautiful view that spreads in front of your eyes.


Detailed Picture

Telescope Aperture

With an aperture of 28 cm, our telescope makes it easy to even observe the craters on the Moon or the ring around the Saturn.


On Clear Days

Observation Every Night

Every night, we hold a stargazing event at the observatory starting from 8pm, with a Japanese-speaking instructor. Please note that according to the weather, the meeting place may be up to change.

As Seen from the Observation Deck

Magnificent Yatsugatake

The observation deck also has a view to offer during the daytime. On the North, you can see Yatsugatake, while the Mount Fuji’s peak pops up on the south. Wherever you look, the charm of this mountainous scenery will take your breath away.

You can compare the tallest mountain in Japan (Mount Fuji at 3776 m), the second tallest (Mount Kita at 3193 m) and the third tallest peak (Mount Aino at 3190 m). We also recommend watching the sun come up at dawn, painting the whole sky to a beautiful vermillion hue.

The landscape Yatsugatake offers is one of the most beautiful in the whole country. Our hotel is located at the southern base of Yatsugatake, around 1080 m above sea level.

Surrounded by the forest and a few holiday houses, the light pollution in the area is minimal, so the location is perfect for astronomical observation. If the weather is clear, you can even see the meteorites of the Milky Way here – a sight that has completely vanished from the heavily light-polluted cities.

About the Facilities


Hotel rooftop

Please use the stairs that lead to the rooftop from the seventh floor of the hotel.

Opening Times

8 pm ~ 9:30 pm (observatory)

The observation deck is open from the morning until 10 pm

  • The temperature drops really low during the winter periods and the wind is often strong, so please make sure to prepare with protection against the cold.

  • The observatory is open every day at 8pm. If the weather is not appropriate for stargazing, we gather in the Tea Lounge on the first floor a slideshow-screening. We announce the meeting point for the observation/screening at 7:40pm every night according to the weather conditions.

  • As there are only stairs between the observatory and the seventh floor of the hotel, we apologize but it cannot be approached by wheelchair.

What to Do In Yatsugatake

Recommended Spots


Nobeyama Radio Observatory

You can find the National Astronomical Observatory Nobeyama Radio Observatory around twenty minutes from the hotel by car. This place was chosen to observe cosmic radio waves because of its high altitude and the small amount of water. While it is located in a colder region, the amount of snow is it gets is minimal, which makes it a desirable location for observation. You can visit these massive radio telescopes with antennas of around 45 m.


Star Round Yatsugatake

Star Round Yatsugatake is the collective name of the stargazing spots around the area. Explore the best stargazing spots and marvel at the vastness of the universe around us!


Buffet at Royal Hotel YATSUGATAKE

Royal Hotel YATSUGATAKE offers a buffet-style breakfast and dinner. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the hotel while relishing your breakfast and morning coffee. The dinner buffet features live-cooking which is very popular among guests. You will certainly find something you like here!